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Fantastic texture spray that gives the most delicious volume, shine and flexibility. Get the perfect look with this finish spray in dry hair and get a "sexy" styling that lasts all day. Leaves hair flexible, full and yet still touchable.



  • Eco blueberries
  • Eco rose



  • volume and flexibility for the hair
  • makes it possible to get a "messy" styling in the beautiful way
  • suitable for all hair types and hair lengths
  • easy to wash out



  • PETA Cruelty-Free & Vegan


Remember to shake the bottle well before use. Spray into dry hair and style your hair as desired. Can also be used as a touch-up when you want to refresh your hairstyle. Easy to wash out.

Epiic Hair Care Mess'it Flexible Texturizing Spray No. 24 – 100ml

VAT Included
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