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Jessica Dent

Jessica's Hair and Beauty

2022 was the year I wanted to take my business on a new journey of sustainability. My vision was to find a product that is certified organic, vegan, sustainable and cruelty free as well as a holistic premium product. When epiic was introduced to me  I can honestly say it was love at first sight. Everything from the packaging to the smells and textures and most importantly the story that is epiic. Having the ability to scan the products with my clients and taking them on a journey of Ocean Waste Plastics. epiic provides a variety of stunning products and represents all that I believe in. If I had to choose a couple favorites they would be (11) shine it hair serum, (21)texturize it spray, (8) silver it shampoo. I am elated to have this professional range as my premium brand in the salon.



Vivienne Johns

The Hairdresser's Social Club

I have thick curly hair and am often stuck with what to use on my hair between washes. The first day after cleansing my curls can be the worst for me, my hair is too fluffy and need a little weight to firm up the curls... this is when I turn to EPIIC Hair Care 21 Texturize 'it. This is the best texturising spray Ive used on my curls, it is light and not chalky feeling. It is great to give my curls a boost, I put my head upside down. Blast. Wait for a couple of minutes for it to settle before ruffling the roots to distribute throughout.

Rae Palmer


I am so proud to be recommending epiic hair care to our industry. I love that this Danish brand is 100% vegan, organic eco-certified and super sustainable for hair professionals. Inspired by the northern light all the ingredients are of the highest quality, I love the spa feeling of the products giving a luxury finish to my hairdressing and my clients salon experience. epiic will be partnering WELOVE and Salon Sustainability to make our industry more eco-conscious and our planet a better environment for our communities and generations to come.

Kerry Galliano

Freelance Hairstylist  Art Director

When you have a new range of styling products and straightaway you find that favourite……I have to say with EPIIC styling range they are all my favourites! With my styling, they give me the designer finish that I’m looking for. They are incredibly easy to use, very lightweight and layerable. I can use them with confidence, that it will give me the performance I need, with Epic results. And to add to that they are cruelty free and 100% vegan! What’s not to love.



Emma O'Malley

Hair and Beauty Midhurst UK

We are so in love with epiic ! 

Fantastic products.

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